Welcome, my (potential) friend! C: I'm Pete. I'm gonna trick you into thinking that I'm actually a super cool person

Feel free to talk to me c: I don't bite and I'm always lonely

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Anonymous Asked:
imagine rp naruto in bed


what do you mean imagine

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Art by kiari

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woah, tag your death note spoilers

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boyfrirend: “im going to take you to the sexiest restaurant in town…”


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If zodiacs were DRAMAtical murder characters
Aries: Aoba
Taurus: Mizuki
Gemini: Noiz
Cancer: Mink
Leo: Clear
Virgo: Haruka Seragaki
Libra: Naine Seragaki
Scorpio: Koujaku
Sagittarius: Ren
Capricorn: Tae Seragaki
Aquarius: Trip
Pisces: Virus
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actually when I was six my mum cut my hair and I look like a boy with very fluffy yet ugly hair and everyone laughed at me and I cried in front of a teacher and asked her to tell them to stop yes I have a trauma too :-/

I’m amazed that you’re still able to cut your hair so easily :’))

I actually feel u on this one, my dad once shaved my hair. All of them. I always looked like a boy (people at school even nicknamed me “chlapeček” and made fun of me that I’m a lesbian because of those short hair well..), but at those times I was not just a boy but a skinhead as well I mean it was like 15 years ago, it was not usual for a girl to be without hair and everyone was horrified (including myself)

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Make sure to sort your trash properly, friends. 
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#yes #haikyuu!! 
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me and lk are very offended rn (ok maybe not lk bcs she has no idea but still)
yes LK is offended

PFFFF, you clearly didn’t have to look like a 60yo lady with a perm, just a day before school photoshooting 

that leaves scars on a poor 12yo child