Welcome, my friend! C: I'm Pete. I'm gonna trick you into thinking that I'm actually a super cool person.

Feel free to talk to me c: I don't bite and I'm always lonely.

I don't and I won't tag my personal posts. If you don't like, don't follow.
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Hetalia characters and the theirs great men

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You’re not you when you’re hungry, Koujaku. Have a Snickers.

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stuff to do before a con:

make cosplays 
bake cookies 
prepare presents for ur friends 

break down and cry 

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backrub time c:

not now i’m hungry :cc

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she was extremely nice today woah

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Favorite Songs [ 11 /  ] → モザイクロール

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痛みを知って&イベントレポ | えも

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LN’s dick

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im not saying u should give me a back rub but pls give me a back rub im dying over here c:


dude really