Welcome, my friend! C: I'm Pete. I'm gonna trick you into thinking that I'm actually a super cool person.

Feel free to talk to me c: I don't bite and I'm always lonely.

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had a req for kuroken so I just drew more 3rd yr kenma

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Akaashi, Kuroo said they’ll beat our team like no big deal so I couldn’t just leave it like that!!!

I can’t believe I spent so much time on a thing this stupid.

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#me #haikyuu!! 
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this ship is bananas



i spent 5 minutes straight laughing about this without breathing and this has 9 notes

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You know what annoys me? My classmates. I’m sorry but you’re studying Engllish language and literature, so it’s kind of obvious that you will have to read???

Now they’re composing a list of short books for an exam from British literature. 30 books? Wow, what a great number!! How is it even possible to read 30 books??? For a literature student??? 

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pls no omg not that song :DD (also what am i gonna do fucking christmas presents im so stressed already what am i gonna buyyyyyyyyyy D8 )

there’s no need to buy presents just give your love and best wishes to everyone and maybe like a made-by-5yo-child picture because that’s the best I mean I do that every year :’D

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wow so that’s what ur getting for christmas B))

i will probably buy it myself before that

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I need the thing but I don’t have money :cc

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This was a commission I put off forever for some reason that my roommate pingu-tyrone cause I drew that cop/firefighter aokaga and he really wanted doctor/nurse midotaka and IDK WHY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO DO IM SORRY FORGIVE ME

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reblog if you want a relationship like this

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